What makes International Schooling the best online high school for you?

Achieve accredited transcripts and certificates

Get an American High School Diploma on completion of the High school program

Access to the latest digital tools and Learning Management System

International Schooling

Professional guidance and live sessions from experienced and fluent instructors

Collaborative learning with peers and teachers from any part of the globe

Affordable education through EMI options

The medium of instruction is English which helps you master the language

Book a session with us today and resume your schooling without any hindrance.

What are we covering for you in the session?

  1. Counselling – to help you in understanding your field of interest
  2. A tour of our online platform which utilizes the latest technology
  3. A detailed insight into the course structure
  4. A review of your previous year’s academic transcript by our academic expert
All this is completely free of cost
What’s more?
You get a US $100 discount on your fee on booking the session today….
International Schooling